RecoverySpaces Mobile

Use the new RecoverySpaces App to support and strengthen your client’s recovery journey.

RecoverySpaces offers your clients a securely encrypted Cloud based space to journalise their progress via either video, audio or the written word and to share this progress with their counsellors and designated therapists.

RecoverySpaces also contains a library that you’re able to customise and update to meet the precise therapeutic needs of each of the clients you work with. The RecoverySpaces library is fully multimedia and can contain anything from the broad base of 12 Step literature through to highly specific detail relating to a client’s individual recovery.

It’s something to give your clients: It puts the client at the centre of their recovery from addiction.

‘It brings recovery to life’…. Caroline Cole Acting CEO Broadway Lodge
"RecoverySpaces has the potential to revolutionise the treatment experience for both client and practitioner”…. Chula Goonewardene Operations Manager/Senior Counsellor Steps2Recovery.

RecoverySpaces can cost you as little as £8.00 per client per month (we can also produce a bespoke version for you that adopts your brand/design values)

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